“Michael is a skillful, exciting artist, comfortable in many media and styles. He brings energy and enthusiasm, as well as talent, to his clients and his work for them. His diligent research, strong concepts, vigorous process, powerful compositions and resultant effective imagery typify his prolific output. A terrific illustrator!” Frank Costantino USA Architectural Illustrator, Watercolourist

“One of Melbourne’s leading illustrators, Michael has long been a much sought after artist both locally and internationally. He continually endeavours to hone his craft and will not hesitate to accept challenging projects. His knowledge, experience and inventive nature together with the excellent quality of his work make it a ‘no brainer’ when I am looking for someone to recommend for an assignment.” Bob S. Illustrator

“It was ridiculous, it was late, it was hard. But in the end the client loved the result. Apparently in the meeting some of the Japanese giggled which is quite rare – normally I believe they are quite formal in professional meetings. So well done, your storyboards did the trick.” Daniel S. Art Director

“Michael has always provided a professional service, on time and at realistic cost. He can provide visualisations in a variety of styles, skilfully using a variety of different techniques. He understands the requirements of architectural illustration and can make a creative contribution to the final result. I am happy to recommend his work unconditionally.” Maurice Clarke UK Architect, Sustainable Design Expert